Monday, December 13, 2010

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Insulation and Weatherization:

This is where we started back in 1978, insulating thousands upon thousands of homes for the TVA Home insulation program with fiberglass batts and blown insulation. As TVA phased out of the weatherization program, we focused our attention on new construction, and became the leader in East Tennessee with the best products and quality installations and weatherization techniques for new construction. We were the first to offer a caulking package for new homes, which is now an industry standard.We were also doing sealed crawl spaces before anyone knew what they were, or how to do them. Times have changed and while we still offer fiberglass and weatherization, there is something new on the horizon that we are very Smart Home Products is excited about!

Icynene® Sprayfoam Insulation

icynene-logo-165x83While really not new, Icynene® started back in 1984, introducing the world’s first water propelled spray foam insulation. The product had no environmental damaging VOC’s and was/is the greenest insulation on the planet…way before “green” was on everyone’s minds. Icynene® expanded world wide, with products being sold in more than 70countries today, but only recently, with the uncertainties in economy and rising energy costs has Icynene® caught the eye and attention of the American public.

We have extensively researched Icynene® and are most excited to announce that we have completed the training and licensing procedures and Smart Home Products has become Icynene’s®newest dealer representing East Tennessee! The former President of Certainteed Fiberglass has taken the reins at Icynene and is positioning the company for explosive growth with the implementation of the new 2009 IECC Energy codes and the rebounding construction industry. We are excited to be a part of this new green movement and the best part is that you can save 30–50% with an Icynene home as compared to a fiberglass home. Go to and see for your self!

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